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Latest Bill Update

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Latest Bill has three albums coming out in a month, two solo ablums Is Love Love and The Night Closed In – Song Noir plus a joint album with Eminemmylou Gatecrash Nashville.

The Night Closed In – Song Noir – one of the darkest records ever released – where songs about Auschwitz, are joined with a truckdriver’s suicide on Brighton beach when his junkie girl dumps him -Freakin’ Brighton and a girl who cuts herself up adapted from a Charles Bukowski story – The Most Beautiful Woman In Town and a playboy drug smuggler shot dead in La LInea in the song Trafficante. All in all, a record guaranteed to make you feel happy to be alive or as it says in Be Happy ” Be Happy, millions of people envy you ”

His other record is called Is Love Love and comprises fifteen songs telling the brutally honest story of the love? life of mister b and illustrating the thin line between love and hate, between sexual ecstasy and murder!

New Gala Album

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Gala’s album has been co-produced by Phil Marten of Turin Brakes and Julian Tardo, the man behind Brighton’s best studio Church Road Studios. It largely features songs written by her or her talented band but there are one or two brilliant covers.

Latest on Eminemmylou

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Eminemmylou’s album Muthabanjo still sells well despite 2.5million people listening to The Way I Am free on MySpace. Now she has recorded a much purer country album Gatecrash Nashville with co-singer Latest Bill and their band The Harlan Howards. Again largely their own songs but this album includes also Bob Dylan’s rap country song Three Angels, Ann Murray’s Snowbird and Harlan Howard’s great song Pick Me Up On Your Way Down.