» Latest Bill Update

Latest Bill has three albums coming out in a month, two solo ablums Is Love Love and The Night Closed In – Song Noir plus a joint album with Eminemmylou Gatecrash Nashville.

The Night Closed In – Song Noir – one of the darkest records ever released – where songs about Auschwitz, are joined with a truckdriver’s suicide on Brighton beach when his junkie girl dumps him -Freakin’ Brighton and a girl who cuts herself up adapted from a Charles Bukowski story – The Most Beautiful Woman In Town and a playboy drug smuggler shot dead in La LInea in the song Trafficante. All in all, a record guaranteed to make you feel happy to be alive or as it says in Be Happy ” Be Happy, millions of people envy you ”

His other record is called Is Love Love and comprises fifteen songs telling the brutally honest story of the love? life of mister b and illustrating the thin line between love and hate, between sexual ecstasy and murder!

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